Oasis One Brands Limited (OOBL) was incorporated and registered as a private limited company in April 2002 operating and headquartered in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.  Prior to its registration and incorporation, its Founder/Chairman and CEO Dr. Abraham Alexander, M.D engaged in much research regarding water purification. This local and international study revealed the needs of the consumer for better consumable water, generally due to poor global municipal supplies.  Such research was in depth with an understanding of various technologies involved, the market and its trends, as well as recognizing the growth of the bottled water industry from 1990 to the present.  Thus, our Chairman/CEO together with our foreign based colleagues, Dr. Hollis Chan and Dr. George dos Santos, our local and foreign engineering, marketing and financial consultants embarked on a exciting project – Purified Bottled Water- with the launch of its marquis product – WATER ONE – in January 2003.  OOBL initiated its production with a relatively new (1999) constructed water purification plant which was upgraded by our engineering staff during the period 2003-2005.  In addition, OOBL purchased a sophisticated state of the art water purification plant in 2005 that significantly increased our speed and productive capacity, along with a measure of quality that exceeds the parameters of internationally recognized bodies.The objective of OOBL is to provide the local and export markets with one of the finest purified bottled water in the world.  We are carefully selecting distributors for WATER ONE in the Caribbean and other areas.  We intend to continue establishing and maintaining mutually profitable relationships with our distributors in recognizing WATER ONE as the purified bottled water of choice in the entire Caribbean and elsewhere.


The mission of OASIS BRANDS LIMITED (OOBL) is to process, bottle, package and distribute uncompromised purified bottled water locally and internationally, meeting and exceeding the highest level of non-deviant quality and taste, ensuring at all times availability, service, distribution and affordable pricing.


Depending on the geography and site where water is found, harmful metals high concentrations of minerals and salts may be present in solution or in suspension due in the main the shrinking aquifer levels, atmospheric and ground pollution, along with many chemical and radiation accidents as well as the deleterious effects of war, hydrocarbon based compounds, herbicides, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, parasites to name a few have also infiltrated many an aquifer site globally.  OOBL researched and developed processes and techniques to ensure purification/production of the best possible bottled water, meeting the standards/parameters as set out by USFDA, USEPA, WHO, IBWA and by the Caribbean Industrial Institute – CARIRI.  WATER ONE is sampled and tested on site on daily basis as well as twice a week by CARIRI.


The research led us to adopt a purification system consisting of deep filtration, activated charcoal filters, water softeners, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet chambers, Ozona ion and final pre-bottling stainless steel filters.  Our Clean Room in which WATER ONE is bottled is equipped with a positive airflow system of filters that ensures the most sterile environment possible for our fully automated bottling and packaging system.  This system includes optical sensor controlled washer/rinser, filling, labeling and capping systems that have recently been installed to meet the increasing demand for WATER ONE.
All of the above together with the necessary engineering skills, ably supported by medical expertise, provides a soft enjoyable, safe and healthy bottled water – WATER ONE!


OOBL’s marquis product is WATER ONE.  It was brought to market after eleven (11) months of research, development and testing to meet the highest standards of purity and taste.  The result of such careful and methodological effort is the production of a purified bottled water that we are proud of for its quality and taste.  We continued of sampling and testing studies until the subjects consistently and reliably chose WATER ONE over other samples of purified bottled water.  The criteria for choice that differentiated WATER ONE from all others being tested was its softness and appealing taste.
As far as the aesthetics of packaging and labeling are concerned, OOBL indulged in a extensive creative process to design our bottles and labels producing a total package that was eye-catching and appealing to the consumer.  Such is a reflection of OOBL’s desire to distribute the best possible purified bottled water – superbly packaged.


The members of the Board of Directors are all professionals who are dedicated to the success of OOBL by maintaining the highest quality control, production standards and business practices.  OOBL continues to recruit staff that is dedicated to their work as well as crating and maintaining the best possible customer relations to assure the continued growth of OOBL.


OOBL is committed to providing the consumer with the best tasting purified bottled water at a very competitive price.  We are also committed to the satisfaction and success of our retail customers and distributors.  Water One ensures health and safety for all – from the neonate to the elderly!

Purified and Bottled Water by Oasis One Brands Ltd
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